Mobilis Advances E-Recording in Document Service Industry

Orion Financial Group, Inc., (, a leading document services provider, announces the expansion of its e-recording services through an alliance with the iCounty Division of Mobilis Technologies, LLC. The agreement gives Orion access to iCounty’s EPICPortal in Missouri and North Carolina and enables both companies to help the mortgage industry and county recording offices expand electronic recording of documents nationwide. The iCounty Division of Mobilis Technologies, LLC has revolutionized the concept of electronic recording of real estate and other documents with the development of its EPICPortal. EPICPortal is an Internet portal, based on evolving PRIA standards, that for the first time enables all types of document submitters to use a single interface to submit documents for e-recording to any participating county. Subsequently, it allows any county, using the backend electronic recording software application of their choice, to use a single interface to electronically accept documents from any submitter.

“Orion’s commitment to its clients continues to focus on quality, integrity, and customized solutions. We are very pleased to have formed an alliance with such a respected company like Mobilis Technologies and we will continue to pursue relationships that drive the document services industry forward,” noted Mike Wileman, President of Orion Financial Group, Inc. Orion’s proprietary software system, DocPro!(R), gives the company the ability to seamlessly update its process when a new county comes online. DocPro!(R) is designed to generate paper and electronic recording information from the same system, uncommon for the industry. The Orion system needs no additional inputs as it automatically knows what counties are e-recording, and the specific information needed. “As the mortgage industry moves toward handling all its documents electronically, Orion will remain at the forefront of this shift with innovative solutions in document services,” added Wileman. “Our proprietary assignment and lien release system, DocPro!(R), has been enhanced to seamlessly facilitate e-recording. This allows our clients to have assignments and/or lien releases recorded via paper or electronically, depending on the county, with the same superior level of quality and integrity. The combination of leading-edge technology and superior customer service is why we have the lowest rejection rate in the industry.”

Orion Financial Group, Inc., based in Southlake, Texas, specializes in lien release, assignment and document retrieval services for the mortgage industry, covering every recording office in the U.S. Through the company’s proprietary document management software, DocPro!(R), it can generate county- specific documents with all appropriate recording fees — virtually eliminating rejections. High volume or low volume, the company’s pledge is to provide peak performance in document services with speed, integrity and professionalism. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at .

Electronic Recording - eRecordingiCounty is the government solutions division of Mobilis Technologies, LLC and the developer of the premier land records management system iRecord RMS and the EPICPortal electronic document-recording portal. Mobilis, through iCounty, is committed to extending the capabilities and cost effectiveness of county governments, and specifically the recorders of deeds offices, through statewide collaboration and the development and implementation of flexible state-of-the-art technology applications and best management practices.