Managed Services

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Managed Services

Mobilis-Managed-Services-300Managed Services from Mobilis Technologies offers a comprehensive list of services to support your county’s archival requirements, convert from paper to digital formats and support your day to day operation needs.  Partnering with Mobilis to provide these services is cost effective and allows you to focus on your core business.

Get started talking with Mobilis Managed Services today!  Your recorders office can’t wait.

Key Features

  • Creation of microfilm from digital images
  • Small & large format paper scanning
  • Scanned image enhancement
  • Digital formats adhere to your current records system and scanning requirements
  • Best practices for scanning, access, security, integration, and compliance
  • Web hosting
  • Outsourcing of current day or historical document indexing

Comprehensive Services

  • Conversion

    • Small format paper scanning
    • Book scanning
    • Large format paper scanning
    • Image enhancement
    • Microfilm conversion to digital
    • Microfiche conversion to digital
    • Aperture card conversion to digital
  • Micrographics

    • Microfilm creation from paper and digital
    • Silver and Diazo microfilm duplication
    • Microfiche creation from paper and digital
    • Aperture card creation and card reading
  • Indexing

    • Real Time Day-Forward Indexing
    • On-Demand Indexing
    • Backfile Indexing from Images, Paper, or Microfilm
  • Bindery Products & Services

    • Plastic binders
    • Canvas cover replacements
    • Encapsulation
  • Hosting

    • Online records search site
    • Office and department website
    • County website