Ingeo and Mobilis Technologies Announce Partnership to Expand E-Recording Services

Ingeo-SystemsIngeo Systems, Inc., the nation’s number one provider of electronic document recording technology, and the iCounty Division of Mobilis Technologies, the developer of the premier land records management system iRecord RMS and the EPICPortal electronic document-recording portal, recently announced an integration partnership that provides counties with a faster, more efficient system for electronically recording real estate documents.

In this new alliance, Ingeo transfers documents from its nationwide submitter base to Mobilis’ EPICPortal. Mobilis’ portal provides an innovative approach to electronic recording by providing a single submission point for submitters to reach counties in a given regional area. “Ingeo supplies the submission side of the electronic document recording process and connects submitting customers to counties participating in the Mobilis portal,” said Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO. “But in most other venues, we provide a total services solution.” Ingeo’s ability to integrate and adapt to almost any electronic recording configuration and requirement is a unique capability that has allowed Ingeo to rapidly expand electronic recording to more jurisdictions.

“Through partnering with Ingeo, we’re greatly expanding the volume of e-recordings into our counties because of Ingeo’s vast submitter network,” said Orville Varner, CFO of Mobilis Technologies. “There’s a synergy between Mobilis and Ingeo that benefits all the customers we serve.” With this recent integration, Mobilis opened 15 more Missouri counties to Ingeo’s submitters, including Kansa City’s Jackson County with a population of nearly 700,000. This brings Ingeo’s e-recording coverage in Missouri to nearly 50% of the population and brings the total number of counties in Ingeo’s network more than 300. Previously, Ingeo was operational in Boone, Lincoln and St. Charles Counties in Missouri plus St. Louis City. Varner said that Mobilis is concentrating on Missouri now but has plans for expansion into Kansas and other adjoining states. “As Mobilis expands, Ingeo’s footprint of counties across the country also will grow,” said Klessig. “We’re looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Mobilis where both of our companies will continue to bring the time and cost benefits of e-recording to more and more customers, both counties and submitters.”

In addition to Mobilis, Ingeo works with nearly all the major county recording system vendors, and now has integrated with more than 30 technology partners. Ingeo also services a majority of the national submitters, including all of the top ten and the majority of the top 30 lending institutions in the U.S. This is in addition to regional and local submitters in counties where Ingeo has county recording available.

Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System reduces processing costs and time while improving data accuracy. Aprocess that used to take days with paper documents now is completed in a matter of seconds. In any given monthIngeo processes more documents than all other recording organizations combined.

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