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iCounty e-Recording Services Platform

Electronic Recording - eRecordingThe iCounty electronic recording solution from Mobilis Technologies is a trusted eRecording services platform for submitters and recorders. iCounty is a secure, web-based application that automates the document recordation process, allowing the creation, submission and recording of electronic documents.

Long gone are the days of submitting records to the county recorders office via the mail or courier.  With electronic recording, your document can be recorded in minutes.

iCounty is the fastest, most efficient way for submitters to record documents in a local or remote Recorder of Deed’s office. Connecting business and government is our business.

See the time savings and improved productivity for yourself!  Request a demo to see iCounty up close.

Submit Documents

Submit e-Recording

Allows lenders, title companies, attorneys, and financial institutions to submit electronically to recorders office.  

Enables document submitters to electronically prepare and submit document to iCounty from any system.

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We work co-operatively with multiple vendors to connect services for fast and secure receipt and recordation of records. Our co-operative integration requires little to no time from client resources. This co-operative approach to erecording enables submitters to electronically deliver documents to all participating counties using any submission system. Whats more is counties are able to receive electronic documents from submitters using integrated electronic recording systems.

A key Intangible at Mobilis Technologies is we care about the customer. We have the client testimonials to prove it. As a standard we provide excellent and immediate support on a product that is very stable.  Want to know more about iCounty eRecording solution? Request a demo.

What people who use iCounty have to say …

I really think the new system will enable us to better serve the public – the internet search is better, any member of my staff can move to where they’re needed, and electronic recording will simplify the process for our commercial users. The iCounty team has really opened our eyes to the possibilities.

Robert SevierFormer Recorder of DeedsClay County Missouri

I cannot say enough great things about Mobilis Technologies and the iCounty product.  We went live with iCounty Software in 2010.  I never envisioned the transition from our old software to the new could be as smooth and flawless.  Mobilis has a great understanding and insight into the functions of the Recorder’s Office.  The support staff is great and so easy to work with.

Gloria BoyerRecorder of DeedsPlatte County, Missouri