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Records Management and e-Recording

Mobilis Technologies is a proven leader in records management and eRecording software solutions for a county recorder’s office. With decades of expertise in business process management and building software to improve processes, Mobilis delivers a powerful records management solution and a proven electronic recording (eRecording) platform.

Records Management Software

Our iRecord RMS software provides records management for a county recorder’s office that is highly configurable and easy-to-use. Learn more about iRecord RMS.

e-Recording Solution

The iCounty eRecording solution provides an electronic recording solution for submitters such as title companies, banks, and law offices and destinations such as a county recorder’s office. Learn more about link – iCounty and its related products link- EPICSubmit and EPICRecord.

Send Documents


EPICSubmit allows lenders, title companies, attorneys, and financial institutions to submit document electronically to a recorder’s office.  Save time and stop mailing or standing in line at a recorders office. Start sending records electronically.

Receive Documents


EPICRecord enables recorders to receive electronic documents from submitters using any electronic recording system for FREE.  Simplify your recordation process with our easy-to-use system.