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Receive Electronic Recordings with EPICRecord

Mobilis-EPICRecord-300Do you receive land records or property documents submitted by title companies, law offices, banks, or others? Does your recorders office need a simple solution to receive these records from countless land record systems?

EPICRecord simplifies the recordation process by enabling counties to receive electronic documents from submitters using any electronic recording system. It is a secure, web-based application that enables counties to receive, review, record/reject, and return documents electronically. EPICRecord helps county recording offices reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure security, and improve tracking.

Because it is web-based and interfaces with existing systems, counties can easily implement in any recorders office regardless of size, budget, or current systems. It’s as simple as needing a PC with an internet connection.

A recorders office should have a simple solution to receive records from countless land record systems.  Does yours?  Start by requesting a demo of EPICRecord!

Benefits for Recorders

  • Securely receive documents
  • Improves productivity and accelerates recording process
  • Automates return of recordation information
  • Accurately collect recording fees through ACH or various electronic options
  • Automates the review process of records
  • Internet based for no touch deployment and easy access anytime
  • Co-operative integration with land record systems

3 Simple Steps

  • Receive

    Electronic recording package of documents created by submittor and delivered electronically for your review.

  • Review

    Packages are received through EPICRecord, or any other electronic recording software selected by the county. Recorders office identifies documents as recordable or rejected. If rejected, the recorder provides rejection reason and package can be resubmitted at any time. The submitter is updated with current status throughout the review process.

  • Record

    Once all documents are identified as recordable, documents are endorsed and recorded. The submitter is notified and the recordation information is returned.